Three Ways a Spiral Apple Peeler Makes Eating Healthy Fun

red-apples-1443481-mMoms and dads have a hard time encouraging the kids to eat healthy foods. Do you think a spiral apple peeler would make a difference in how happy the family would be with something besides chocolate and crunchy chips? In families across the country, the answer is “Yes!” because the tool is safe and easy enough for older children to use. Teach the younger kids to use the Loopy Apple under supervision and soon they’ll be begging for a piece of easy to eat fresh fruit.

Remember trimming an orange peel off with a paring knife when you were younger? The object was to get a longer spiral than your sisters and brothers were able to cut. It took a lot of patience to acquire skill. Now it’s possible to turn firm fruit and vegetables like potatoes, apples, and pears into bouncy spirals. Instead of jiggling the spirals up and down, however, they can be cut into pieces for instant eating.

Most fruit is delicious eaten raw. Many people, including young children, cannot bite through the tough peels of pears and apples. The convenience of fresh fruit without the pesky peel is sure to encourage your family to help themselves to nutritious eating.

Baking will never be the same. Prep time is cut down quickly when fruit and vegetables are trimmed by a spiral apple peeler. Prepare a delicious cheese and potato casserole with curvy potato slices or bake some pear tarts for dessert.

You’ll never have to drive to fast food restaurants again when curly fries are in demand! Use the oil you prefer for your family to deep fry the swirls of sweet or russet potatoes. How nice is it that you have control over the salt and other seasonings added to the fries?

Screwdrivers and a small pair of pliers are usually considered standard kitchen tools. Add a bright red spiral apple peeler to the list of must-have items to get your kitchen tasks done!

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