The Straight Scoop on Downsizing

recession-1137933-mDownsizing, layoffs and attrition are scary words that many Americans are hearing all too often these days. Because auto manufacturers, the airlines and other major industries are trying to drastically cut costs, cutting employees seems like a logical step. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2/3 of states suffer from unemployment rates at or higher than the national average. Historically, however, one city has proven itself to be almost unemployment resistant: Huntsville, Alabama.

Real estate, construction, professional & technical services, and government are just a few of the industries that continue to grow and shield Huntsville from rising unemployment figures. According to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, as of May 2006, Madison County, Alabama was at a steady unemployment rate of almost half the national average.

Very often when families have financial crises, there are problems with the children and depression and other mental problems can be the result. Fortunately there is help to be had  in Huntsville. Not only is Huntsville a great place to find a job and to sort out your financial situation, but there is help for families who have troubled teens as well by virtue of the Eyes on Huntsville program, offering assistance for your troubled teens and your family situation.

If unemployment is an issue in your area, consider moving to Huntsville. Jobs in every industry are plentiful; the cost of living is low, and the lifestyle is easy.  Find a way to ease your employment situation and also your family problems in Huntsville.


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