Popular Styles of Bathroom Design

What does your bathroom say about you? That’s a question you should ask yourself when guests come over. While you obviously don’t want to have a dirty bathroom for guests to experience, you need to have a theme to it. This theme should carry over to the rest of your home and add a little style and class to the experience. If you aren’t sure what design is right for you, then it can be helpful to review.
Victorian style bathrooms are a popular choice. This is a retro style that has increased in popularity. It features furniture that is curved and adds character to the room. Deep soaking tubs are common in this style and are designed to add to the classy feeling of the space. You can add in an old fashioned frameless mirror and a traditional radiator to really add to the authenticity.
Something a little more rustic and country designed might be more along the lines of what you’d like. In this case, you’d utilize wood panels and wooden doors with white paint on them. Simple jars and boxes can be used to add to the authentic feeling of it. Even the basin you wash your hands in and a dresser with a mirror can be placed in this bathroom to give it a good ole country feeling.
Ultimately, these are just some of the choices you have. It is up to you to determine what style of bathroom fits your needs and to utilize the bathroom in a manner that leaves a lasting impression.  Find out more at http://bathroomwarehouse.com.au

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