Fixing A Slide In Your Pool

Pools are transformed into fun-filled havens whenever they have pool slides. Pool slides are always there to provide action to the swimmers. It need to be maintained, fixed, and cleaned, like any other element in and around your pool. In the past decade, construction materials for pools have improved. Pool accessories like the pool slide now have less repair and maintenance issues.

• Pool slides are now made from rotomolded thermoplastic acrylic or polyethylene that have any type of colour that you want. Their ladders now have closed designs, which is safe and easier on the eyes. Though materials have improved, occasional repairs are still needed. Below are some ways to correct certain issues on your pool slides: Surface cracks. This needs a PE plastic and a plastic welder. PE plastic can be acquired in plastic rods. The plastic rod that has the same colour as your slide is melted into the slide, with the use of your plastic welder. You can also use fiberglass repair kits and gelcoat repair kits as well.

• Surface scratches. Use Gel Glass or Permatex Plastic Cleaner to hand polish haze, light scratches, and scuff marks. Apply the polish and buff it with clean cotton cloth. For deeper scratches and scuffs, use Turtle Wax.

• Issues on water supply. Modern pool slides do not use ¼ inch diameter hoses and their tiny jets anymore. They now have a 1-inch pipe, which occasionally needs replacements. The jet nozzles may need reamed clean because they may clog if you have hard water. Your connection gaskets and the nob that turns on the slide’s water supply need replacements at some point.

• Pool ladders and their legs. Steel legs, often used on large pool slides, should be sanded and then touched up with some Rustoleum, if rust is starting to develop around their flanges or bolts. Bent or bowed pool slide legs need to be replaced. If you need to replace loose or broken deck lags or bolts, make sure that the replacements are from the original manufacturer.

You can acquire more pool slide repair tips from our experts at With the right moves, you can have a functional and safe pool slide again, as good as new!

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