Cleaning Your Gutters is Important

As part of your routine home maintenance, you should do all you can to keep your rain gutters clean and free of debris. When moisture builds up in these gutters, it can lead to mold, pests, decay and other concerns for your home. In fact, there are quite a few reasons for you to keep up with this maintenance.

When experiencing problematic gutters Omaha residents will find that basement water damage is a problem. When heavy rains begin, the clogged gutter will begin to dump water directly on the ground in buckets, since it can’t properly drain. This will then impact the foundation and before long, there is a long term problem with basement water damage.

As the water drips down from the gutters Omaha property owners will find that there is damaged caused to the siding and framework of the home. Water will seep into the wooden framing causing rot and impact soffit and fascia.

Another concern is with surrounding patios, walkways and exposed areas of the foundation. When the water is rapidly flooding and hitting the ground, it can cause the dirt to wash away from around and under these items. Over a period of time, this can lead to structural problems in the home and cracking or excessive damage being caused to poured concrete. This can mean expensive repairs to fix the problem that has been started.

While looking at their gutters Omaha homeowners also need to consider the pests that will gravitate to a clogged drain. Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in the stagnant water, birds, squirrels and mice will next in the gutters and termites will also be drawn to the area. All of this can be avoided by simply clearing out the gutters and ensuring that they are well maintained.

It doesn’t take long to clean your gutters and to keep your home protected. Make sure you are keeping up with routine cleanings and have some peace of mind the next time it rains.

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