What About Changing Your Transmission Fluid?

transmission-871666-mBuying a new or used car is only the start of your relationship with your new vehicle. You have to take care of your car. One way to take care of it is to invest time and money making sure nothing goes wrong with the transmission. So, avoid subscribing to the notion that transmission fluid never needs changing.

Yes, there are those who do not change their transmission fluid because they think the fluid does not “get dirty” like engine oil does. While transmission fluid does not turn black after 4,000 miles, the color of the fluid does slowly darken over time. The darker the fluid, the less lubrication it delivers.  This can wreck havoc with the gears.

Most manuals suggest changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles, a full change may not be necessary though. Instead you could do a flush. As the name implies, new fluid is flushed through the transmission system, some of the old transmission fluid is forced out and replaced with new. You may end up with 60% new fluid. This is a less costly method than a full change.

Is a flush as good as a change? No, although a flush is a reasonable substitute. Honestly, a full change in which the pan is dropped and cleaned is going to be more costly and time-consuming. Also, if you have never had a flush done and the car has 60,000 or more miles on it, you might not even have the option of a flush since dirt and debris are likely to come loose.

When you have gone a long time (100,000 miles plus) without any changes or flushes, the transmission repair shop might very well suggest removing the gears and brush cleaning them by hand. Doing so can cost quite a bit, but won’t cost anywhere near as much as the $3,000 or so for a new transmission.

Make things easy from the start. Flush or change the transmission fluid as recommended. Visit Landers McLarty for your auto repairs and to check out their great new or used cars.

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