Bicycle Safety – Understanding Why Bike Crashes Occur

ready-to-ride-1158220-mWearing the right bike safety gear is an important way to prevent injury when you’re riding a bike. However, it’s also important to take measures to avoid a crash as well. Why do most bike crashes happen? Here’s a closer look at the common reasons that bike crashes occur.

Bicycles vs. Stationary Objects

Most crashes actually happen when a cyclist falls or ends up crashing into stationary objects. It’s not unusual for bikers to crash to the sidewalk or into a light pole. Of course, adverse conditions increase the risk of these types of crashes. Poor road conditions, inexperience, weather, and mechanical failure can result in a cyclist crashing into stationary objects.

Bicycles vs Motor Vehicles

In some cases, bicycles and motor vehicles crash, which can result in serious injury. These crashes often occur because the driver of the car isn’t aware of the presence of the cyclist. At night and in conditions that reduce visibility, drivers may have a tough time seeing cyclists. For this reason, wearing reflectors and using a bicycle headlight is an essential part of bicycle safety when riding at night.

Bicycles and Alcohol

You may be surprised to know that alcohol can contribute to bicycle crashes. In certain states, it’s illegal for cyclists to ride while they are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol intoxication, both by bicyclists and motorists, is known to cause a significant amount of bicycle crashes each year. Cyclists who drive while under the influence are also less likely to wear a helmet, increasing their risk of serious brain injury.

Bicycles and Sidewalks

Some cyclists think that it’s safer to ride on sidewalks. However, the increase of stationary objects and pedestrians on sidewalks may actually increase your risk of injury. It’s a better idea ride on the road, as long as you follow basic rules of the road and bicycle safety.

Understanding why many bike crashes occur can help you prevent a crash yourself. Keep this information in mind and avoid making mistakes that could result in an accident.

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