What Is The Best Shaving Cabinet For A Smaller Bathroom

Storage is always an important element in a bathroom of any size. It is even more crucial in a smaller bathroom. As you know, a small bathroom has limited space. You need to figure out how you can accommodate all your bath essentials without making the bathroom look like a labyrinth or a cluttered store room. One of the basic storage features you need in your small bathroom is a shaving cabinet or medicine cabinet. Below are some of the things you should look for in a shaving cabinet for your smaller bathroom:

• It should have enough storage space. You should get a deep, wall mounted shaving cabinet if you have many bath products or tools to house. If the body of the shaving cabinet is built inside the wall, you can have a large storage space without taking space in your smaller bathroom.

• It should be useful to the one using it. If your shaving cabinet’s purpose is to help you perform your morning and evening rituals without any problem, then you can put in there your grooming products. If you need a shaving cabinet to keep medications and harmful reagents away from kids, then you should find a shaving cabinet that is a challenge for them to open.

• It should have a good layout. Think of how the shaving cabinet’s door will swing open. Also, think about the space it is going to take up if you open or close it. You can opt for a shaving cabinet doors that swing up or down. You can also consider doors that have hidden lips or press-open systems.

• It should give you the right amount of light. If you use a shaving cabinet for makeup application and shaving, you should have proper lighting for it. During the day, natural lighting can come from the bathroom window. When it is night-time, you should have enough lighting that can illuminate what you’re doing on a gloomy day or during the night.

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