6 common problems in bathroom remodeling

6 Common Problems That Need Attention during Bathroom Remodels
While a coat of paint and some tiling can help brighten your bathroom, a complete renovation is always a better proposition. This helps you learn about hidden problems which have to be dealt with to prevent future complications. Besides, a properly functioning bathroom is always better for both enhancive and pecuniary reasons.
The two main triggers for bathroom remodeling problems are moisture and poor workers. If you are thinking of doing your bathroom renovation by yourself, there are a few matters to look out for before proceeding.
1. One such matter is the floor’s structure as plumbers tend to cut its beams which weakens the floor. There is the risk of the new floor developing cracks because of a weak subfloor.
2. Old and rusty plumbing is another matter which needs immediate attention during the remodeling. Its easier updating cast iron, copper distribution lines and coated drain lines when the bathroom walls and flooring are torn up.
3. It’s only recently that tub surrounds and bathroom tiles were installed with waterproofing. The older bathrooms had regular dry walls behind tub surrounds which led to water vapor causing leaks and corrosion.
4. Not only poor waterproofing, even inefficient ventilation leads to the everyday buildup of moisture in the bathroom and consequent accumulation of mold. This is why proper ventilation is essential during a bathroom renovation.
5. It’s not enough to just have vents in the bathroom; it needs proper ductwork leading to the outside to prevent the formation of mold in attics and basement areas. As this is what home inspectors look out for during a house inspection, installing proper ductwork is an important part of the bathroom renovation.
6. Even bathroom fixtures have to be checked and be properly coded, in working condition and vented during the renovation.
As long as you attend to, and resolve these 6 problems during your bathroom renovation, you will be able to nip future potential problems in the bud!

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